Romantic things to do in Rome: romantic spots and ideas you’ll love

by marta
Sunset on Rome Circus Maximus

Romantic things to do in Rome: the best places in Rome for couples, most romantic spots in Rome, romantic restaurants and hotels.

Rome is the best when it comes to romantic moments. Meandering ancient streets, sunset views and cute corners are the perfect backdrops for a couples night out and its many restaurants and cozy hotels are the cherries on top of the love cake that is this city.

Romans know this well, so much so that they have a song about it.

It is a duet, with the guys singing ‘Rome, don’t be silly, help me get her to say yes’ and the girl singing ‘Rome, don’t be silly, help me say no’ – both of them mentioning the Rome soft breezes, twinkling stars and moon-lit sky as an irresistible love potion.

I love the romantic side of Rome and these are my favorite romantic places in Rome, for a perfect couples night out.

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Most romantic things to do in Rome

Catch a sunset view of Rome

Rome is a romantic city any time of day or night however, Rome at sunset is special! You can catch the sun setting from a free location or splash out and get a frontline seat at one of the city’s beautiful terraces.

Whatever way you want to do it, you can find the best sunset spots in Rome here.

Sunset in Rome

Take an evening stroll in the Pantheon area

The area around the Pantheon is one of the most beautiful in Rome and the perfect place for a walk hand in hand in the evening.

As the sun goes down, the Pantheon facade and the fountain just in front get lit up and they are so beautiful, you will be excused if they literally sweep you off your feet!

I particularly like going there after 10 pm: at this time, especially during the weekdays, the square is empty and you have it almost all for yourself.

  • Where it is: Piazza della Rotonda.
  • How to get there: this is a car-free area. ou reach it on foot from Via del Corso or Largo di Torre Argentina.

Romantic hotel near the Pantheon

The Pantheon Iconic Hotel Autograph collection (5 stars): complete with a rooftop terrace bar and restaurant, perfect for that special night in Rome!

Catch a sunset view from the top of Castel Sant’Angelo

I love Castel Sant’Angelo, I find it one of the most interesting yet underrated attractions in Rome and one with some of the most amazing views over the city you can ever get.

If you visit at sunset, a visit to the castle also turns into one of the most romantic things you can do in Rome, especially in summer. When the sun starts to go down and the sky turns orange, the city’s many domes and the river Tiber reflect the light like a myriad of little lanterns and the result is mesmerizing!

My wedding proposal didn’t happen here (it was amazing, it was in a romantic chalet in Switzerland) but had it happed in Rome, this would have been my favorite place!

So there you go, if you are looking where to propose in Rome, this is a good one!

  • Where it is: Lungotevere Castello
  • How to get there: walking distance from the Vatican and Piazza Navona, served by buses 23, 34, 40, 46, 49, 62, 64 87, 271, 926, 982, 280,990

Romantic hotels near Castel Sant’Angelo

Palazzo Cardinal Cesi (4-stars): just beside St Peter basilica. Old world charm and amazing internal courtyard for this romantic hotel hosted in an old monastery!

Have a drink on a rooftop terrace

The ultimate romantic treat, for my husband and I, when we get babysitting in Rome, is a sunset drink on one of Rome’s rooftop terraces and wow, the city takes prisoners when it comes to rooftop magic!

Some of the most beautiful belong to hotels but are open to non-guests too.

The Divinity terrace (Pantheon), Eithc Borromini (Piazza Navona) and Palazzo Manfredi (Colosseum) are among ur favorite and are perfect for either a drink or inner – you may watch the budget if going for a meal but for the perfect romantic night in Rome, it can be worth it!

If your budget doesn’t truly allow splashing out on cocktail, you still have options. While not as intimate, the rooftop terrace at the top of the Rinascente store on Via del Tritone has lovely views, feels elegant and has some budget-friendly options!

Rome terrace at sunset

Catch a view from the top of the Spanish Steps at night

The Spanish Steps in the evening become a dream place for a romantic moment.

While flooded with people during the day, after dark the steps become almost empty and offer stunning views all around you: look ahead and you will see Rome city enter at your feet.

Look up and you will see the stunning the iconic towers of Trinita’ dei Monti all lit up, looking over you and the city like guardian angels.

  • Where it is: Piazza di Spagna
  • How to get there: Metro Spagna, walking distance from Via del Corso. Nearby bus stops: 61, 80, 85, 160

Romantic hotel near the Spanish steps

Hotel Hassler (5 stars). Overlooking the steps, if budget is no problem this is one of the most amazing hotels in Rome for couples. Stunning views, romantic Michelin star restaurants and even a ‘romance package’ special offer, if you are going all out for a romantic trip to Rome, this is a wonderful choice!

Take a stroll in Piazza Navona after dark

Piazza Navona is one of the main landmarks in Rome and a magical place in the evening.

Famous for a stunning church with a facade by Borromini and beautiful water fountains by Bernini, two of the most significant artists contributing to Rome’s special beauty, the piazza is stunning when lit up and a place not to be missed.

Start with a drink at the Eitch Borromini at sunset and come here for a walk when it is dark for maximum visual impact!

  • Where it is: Piazza Navona
  • How to get there: walking distance from the Pantheon. Nearby buses: 30, 60, 62, 81, 87.

Romantic hotel near Piazza Navona

Hotel Raphael (5 stars): A member of the Relais & Chateaux family, Hotel Raphael simply envelops you in romance. Its stunning facade, charmingly covered up by climbing, luscious plants, hides beautiful rooms and a beautiful roof garden that highlights the hotel motto ‘beauty will save the world’ (Dostoevskij quote)

Catch a view from the Garden of Oranges

There are many lovely viewpoints in Rome but when it comes to romance, I believe the views from the garden of oranges on top of the Aventino are among the best.

The garden is a small park with a terrace overlooking the city and as well as being beautiful itself, it is in a gorgeous area: you can spend a whole evening here and it is one of the most romantic things to do in Rome.

My suggestion is to start from Circus Maximus, catch the breathtaking view over the Palaces of Emperors, then climb up to the garden and take a stroll down to Testaccio, finishing the evening with a meal there (find out some of my favorite traditional food places in Rome here).

If you happen to be in Rome in April, May or June here you can also visit the lovely garden of oranges, with has wonderful romantic views over Rome and surrounds you with the perfume of over 1000 species of roses!

  • Where it is: Piazza Pietro d’Illiria (top of Aventine hill)
  • How to get there: metro Circo Massimo or Piramide, Tram n 3, Bus 30, 81, 160, 170, 716 

Romantic hotel near the Aventino

Hotel San Anselmo (4 stars): lovely hotel with a traditional feel in a lovely position, this is a lovely place for a romantic escape from the hustle and bustle of the city

Have a Michelin star dinner overlooking the Colosseum – the most romantic thing to do n Rome for foodies

If you and your partner love fine dining, then a rooftop dinner with views over the Colosseum is the most romantic thing you can do in Rome.

The place for this is the stunning Aroma restaurant, the rooftop Michelin star restaurant of top of the luxury hotel Palazzo Manfredi.

Intimate in feel yet grand when it comes to views, this is a special treat for a special night out. Book early as they also cater to private events (an idea if you are looking to get married in Rome!)

If you want to stay in this area, you can find our favorite hotels close to the Colosseum here.

Address: Via Labicana 125

Stroll in the charming neighborhood of Monti

Beside the Colosseum yet a world apart from its grandeur sits the romantic and gorgeous neighborhood of Monti.

Urban and hip, this area has lovely cobbled streets, some of the most beautiful churches in Rome and it is full of small cafes, wine bars, vintage shops and hidden corners that are perfect for a couple’s night out.

To soak in the experience at best, come in the afternoon, explore the area around Via Urbana and Via San Martino ai Monti, then finish your evening with a stroll up to Piazza San Pietro in Vicoli and the Colosseum for stunning views over the Colosseum at night (bonus: the view from here is free!)

  • Where it is: Monti is the area between Termini station and the colosseum
  • How to get there: metro Termini, Colosseo or Cavour. Any bus serving these areas including C2, C3, H, M, 16, 38, 40, 64, 75, 82, 85, 90, 92, 105, 170, 175, 217, 310, 360, 649, 714, 910

Romantic hotel in Monti

The Fifteen Keys hotel (4 stars): hip and intimate, this is a lovely hotel for a couples’ weekend in Rome in one of the most charming neighborhoods in Rome

Row a boat in Villa Borghese

If you want to feel like you are in a Victorian-era novel, then the most romantic thing you can do in Rome is to get a rowing boat in Villa Borghese.

Villa Borghese pond

Villa Borgese is a large park in the city center and has a lovely pond overlooked by a cafe and an ancient-looking temple (it is actually a replica but the effect is cool!).

  • Where it is: several entry points from Via Veneto, Piazzale belle Arti, Piazzale Flaminio ( beside Piazza del Popolo)
  • How to get there: Tram 2, 3 19, Buses 52, 53, 63, 86, 92, 116, 217, 360, 491, 630, 910, 926 and 88, 95, 490, 495 (these last four go inside the park)

Most romantic hotel near Villa Borghese

Aldrovandi Palace (5 stars): gorgeous hotel with an intimate feel and wonderful garden bar and spa

Catch a view over ancient Rome at night

One of the most beautiful views you can catch of Rome and one that is sure to wow you and your partner and sweep you off your feet is the view over the Forum and the colosseum that you catch from the Campidoglio hill.

In the evening, the forum is all lit up and the atmosphere magical.

Walks across the main Piazza Campidoglio and walk beyond the main palazzo there, without telling your partner why – then enjoy their look as they see the view suddenly opening up in front of them.

  • Where is: at the back of Piazza del Campidoglio
  • How to get there: walk u the stairs from Piazza Venezia.Bus 46, 60, 62, 80, 490, 916 among others

Most romantic hotel near the Campidoglio

Otivm hotel (4 stars): the amazing view from the rooftop terrace is unforgettable!

Take a stroll in Trastevere

Trastevere has been describing as the most charming and authentic neighborhood in Rome for a long time and while I find overrated (some parts are a crazy busy tourist trap now), I do agree it has some parts that pack a punch when it comes to romance.

My favorite area is around Via Corsini and Via Garibaldi: arm yourself with good walking shoes and climb up for some of the most charming small streets in Rome and lovely views from the top.

Where is: this is a large area on the ‘other side’ of the Tiber coming from the city center.

Romantic hotel in Trastevere

Domus Corsini (3 stars): lovely small hotel with an intimate feel in one of the most charming streets in Rome.

What about the Trevi Fountain?

Ok so, the truth is that I didn’t want to add the Trevi Fountain to this list but then decided it would be unfair to leave it entirely out and decided to close the list with it, adding a caveat.

In the fantasy of many, the Trevi Foutain is the perfect backdrop for a marriage proposal and honestly, it can be, but it is so crowded, so unbelievably overrun by tourism that it is also one of the most disappointing sites in the city.

So if you are looking for romance at the Trevi fountain, go, but don’t go unprepared.

Go very late in the evening or very early in the morning and do not expect to be able to sit on its border let alone enter its waters (seriously it is a terrible idea and also illegal!).

Romantic hotels near Trevi fountain

Relais Trevi 95 (4 stars): adult-only hotel perfect for that long-awaited parents night away! The terrace and proximity to the fountain are the cherries on top

I hope you enjoyed this list of the most romantic things to do in Rome and it gave you good ideas on how to spend Valentine’s evening or a romantic weekend in Rome. Safe travels!

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