The 29th of June in Rome: events + need to know

by marta
Castel St Angelo Rome at night with flag and moon

All you need to know about the 29th of June in Rome, the day Rome celebrates its patron’s Saints.

The 29th of June in Rome is a holiday. It is the day when the city celebrates its patron Saints, St Peter and St Paul, and a wonderful time to be in the city.

The 29th of June is a day off for locals and a traditional day for day trips from the city and for local sightseeing.

It is also a day that the city celebrates with special events: this is all you need to know about visiting Rome on this day.

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Best things to do in Rome on the 29th of June:  Rome events on the 29th June 2020

When planning your day in Rome, please be advised that the festivity may impact on public transport routes. If relying on bus or metro, make a move early as traveling time may differ from usual.

Go sightseeing

Rome main monuments, sights and museums are open.

This year in particular, with a lower number of international visitors, is a great time to visit some of the most beautiful places in the city (check availability and book your slot as access is strictly regulated).

Among the best things to visit, I recommend:

Go to an exhibition

Rome has many exhibitions and some have longer opening hours to velebrare the 29th of June.

Worth seeing this year is the Raffaello exhibition at the Scuderie del Quirinale, which is now open for a version ‘by night’ (perfect to then have an after-dark walk in the Trevi Fountain area!). Find info and tickets here

Another exhibition worth seeing is the one about Caravaggio at Palazzo Caffarelli (Musei Capitolini) which runs until mid-Septembers.

Admire fireworks (online!)

Fireworks are traditional in Rome for the 29th and usually are an opportunity for people to gather and admire their colors against the dark Rome summer sky.

This year the gathering is not an option but the firework are happening nonetheless: for a virtual crowd! You can admire them on the site

Fun fact: The fireworks of the 29th of June are more than summer entertainment and have a peculiar story. This specific display was created by Michelangelo and originally displayed at Castel Sant’Angelo. They quickly became a huge attraction for people from all over Europe, who would flock to Rome to see it. The event took place until 1834 and then suddenly stopped. In 2008 the traditional show started again first at the castle and, in recent years, from the Pincio Terrace (so the best place to see it would be Piazza del Popolo)

Have a picnic with market food

June is a wonderful time for products and picnics and the best way to enjoy the freshest of all produce is to get it from the maket.

If you live in Rome you may have a local produce market (some are amazing) or you can opt to go to one of the best in the city: Testaccio market, one of the best in the city, in an area famous for having the best Rome food!

Go to a a park

The 29t of June is, usually, a day of decent weather and a great one for market visits and picnincs. 

Villa Borghese is traditional but there are so many parks and gardens in Rome, you are spoilt for choice!

You can find our selection of the best parks in Rome here.

Go to the pool

If the heat is getting to you, then you may like to hear that Rome has many pools open to the public. You can find our selection of the best pools in Rome (hotels and not) here. Please check with each pool for specific regulation at these peculiar times.

Go to mass at St Peter

The Vatican celebrates the day of St Peter and St Paul with mass in St Peter’s and the ceremony is open to the public.

Tickets must be booked in advance (free of charge, you can get them here) and the mass is usually also projected on maxi screens in Piazza San Pietro, just outside the basilica.

Go for an evening walk

The 29th of June usually sees good weather, hot during the day and pleasant at night.

Vittoriano Monument, Rome, at night

This makes this day one of the loveliest for an evening walk around Rome’s most famous piazzas and soak in the city’s beauty and the festive atmosphere. 

Some of our favorite places to visit in Rome at night are:

Enjoy one of Rome’s best rooftop bars

If you prefer to make the most of the beautiful evenings without walking, you can also instead opt for one of Rome’s most beautiful rooftop terraces and restauants.

Some we love are

  • Terrazza Borromini – Via dell’Anima 30 (Piazza Navona)
  • Corner at Palazzo Manfredi – Via Labicana 125 (Colosseum)
  • Divinity terrace at Pantheon Iconic Hotel – Via di Santa Chiara 4a (Pantheon)
  • Otivm Rome – Via d’Ara Coeli 11 (Piazza Venezia)

29th of June curiosity: the ‘Barca di San Pietro’ (St Peter’s boat tradition)

According to tradition, the night between the 28th and 29th of June, is an important one for famers in Italy.

On this night, they fill a glass with water and then add an egg white and then leave the concoction outdoors, overnight.

The morning after, they go to retrieve the glass and study its appearance: the night temperature and the morning dew create a special effect that makes the mixture look like a vessel, with masts and sails! 

Depending on how good this vessel looks, farmers are able to make predictions on how good the crop will be: many open sails represent a good crop, few, closed sails foresee a poorer year.

Tradition says the vessel represents St Peter who, overnight, blows in the glass to show the faithful he is close to them. 

I hope you enjoyed this post about the best things to do on the 29th June in Rome. Happy travel planning!

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