About Mama Loves Rome

by marta

Ciao and welcome to Mama Loves Rome!

My name is Marta, I am a travel loving mama, born and bred in that messy, wonderful, infuriating, awe inspiring and unbelievably beautiful city that is Rome.

I call Rome home and lived here for over 30 years. However, after meeting the Irish man who became (and still is!) my husband, I swapped Rome’s dusty cobbled streets for the green pastures of Ireland and now I live in Dublin with my Irish husband and my to bilingual kids, currently 7 and 9.

We divide our time between the two cities and every time I am in Rome make an extra effort to show it to my kids, teach them about it and get them to love it as one of their homes.

I am a classics graduate (I got my Degree in Roman History at the University of Rome) and I am confident teaching my kids about Rome: however, I often take tours and play tourist in my home town as I always learn something and some are great fun for the children.

What is Mama Loves Rome

Mama Loves Rome is a passion project of mine, a blog about the city of Rome that mixes the knowledge of a local (me) with the awe of the visitor (me again).

I have opened it out of  love for my city and also to help friends and visitors in general to make the most of their time in Rome. Rome is overwhelming for many, especially if you are visiting with kids, and I felt there was a need for a corner of the web just to help planning a family stay there. 

Here, you will find travel tips for visiting Rome, my personal recommendations on what to see, where to stay, where to eat, and even where to shop as well as curiosities about the city (there are so many stories abut Rome!) and tips on how to visit Rome with children.

This site is not only for families, as the name might suggest, but because I now experience Rome in the company of my kids, it is written from the point of view of a mom and a large part of it is about visiting Rome with little legs in tow.

With them, we go sightseeing (I am a huge advocate of sightseeing and doing ‘grown up’ tourism with kids) but we also explore parks, cuddle street cats and and play, all things I will document on this site. 

When the children are not with me, I love going out with my friends or my husband and you will find recommendations for those type of occasions too, which include restaurants, wine bars and even hotels. 

If your ideal day in Rome is a mix of sightseeing, shopping, fun and wine, Mama Loves Rome is the resource for you!

Please find how to get in touch with us and how we can work together here