The best sunset spots in Rome: top 12 addresses

by marta
Sunset in Rome from Piazza del Quirinale

The best sunset spots in Rome: discover the best place to watch the sunset in Rome for the perfect evening in the Eternal City!

A big, build up city like Rome may not strike you as a place to watch the sunset however, Rome has some wonderful spots from where to see the sun go down!

Rome sky tinges itself in warm shades of orange when the sun starts to sets and, if you know where to go, seeing the eternal city bathed in this fiery tones can stay as one of the best memories of your stay.

Whether you are looking for a romantic spot in Rome of just to take in the beauty of the setting sun, these are our favorite and best spots to watch the sunset in Rome.

Good to know: you can find the time the sun sets in Rome today here.

Best sunset spots in Rome you can visit for free

Some of the best places to see in Rome for free are also wonderful places to watch the sunset. Some not to miss are below.

Garden of Oranges viewing terrace

The Garden of Oranges is a lovely garden perched on the Aventine Hill, with a wonderful viewing terrace offering views over the river Tiber and Rome.

Rome orange garden terrace with pine trees framing St Peter'd dome in the distance at sunset

The garden is a very popular sunset spot in Rome and you will always find people here, so don’t expect to be alone if you make your way here for a romantic moment!

However, the place is popular for a reason and should not be missed.

The terrace offers one of the best free views over Rome in the city and you can also take your time sitting in one of the many benches of this lovely park, places under the pretty orange trees that give it its name.

You can find my tips for visiting the orange garden here and you can find my guide to what to see on the Aventine Hill here.

The Capitoline Hill terrace overlooking the Roman Forum

Another gorgeous sunset spot in Rome is the viewing terrace at the back of the Capitoline Hill, overlooking the Roman forum.

View over Roman Forum at night

This is probably my favorite viewing terrace in Rome and packs a punch in terms of beauty under severe points if view.

First of all, you reach it walking thought Piazza del Campidoglio, one of the most beautiful squares in Rome, designed by the genius of Michelangelo Buonarroti.

Second, it offers a view of the Roman Forum and the Colosseum that it is so beautiful and unexpected, you won’t believe your eyes!

Here, you find yourself immediately beside some of the best preserved columns in the Forum and you have a birds-eye view of all the forum main area all the way to the Colosseum in the back!

The whole area, when bathed in the pink tones of the sunset hour is just magical. Top tip! Stay until the sun goes full down for another treat: the forum lit up at night!

You can find here my tips on what to see in Piazza del Campidolgio and how to get there

Pincio Terrace in Villa Borghese

Another beautiful panoramic terrace and a great place to watch the sunset in Rome is the Pincio terrace, in Villa Borghese.

Sunset on piazza del popolo

The Pincio terrace is a classic sunset spot and it is indeed stunning: here, the view is expansive so you can truly take in the beautify of the sunset and you find yourself overlooking Piazza del Popolo, one of the best and most famous landmarks in Rome.

To top it all, you find yourself immersed in one of the most beautiful parks in Rome, you are just beside a stunning restaurants perfect for a special date (Casina Valadier, perfect for a special occasion) and you are walking distance from the Spanish Steps, one of the best places to see in Rome at night. The perfect storm for a romantic night in Rome!

You can find my guide to Villa Borghese here.

The terrace of the Quirinale Hill – best sunset spot in Rome near the Trevi Fountain

Quirinale is one of the historical 7 hills of Rome and while the place is not mostly known for hosting the seat of the president the Italian republic, Quirinale is also a wonderful sunset spot in Rome City Center!

Sunset in Rome

A large piazza with a vast viewing terrace, Quirinale is one of the best places to catch a sunset view of Rome with the distictive shape of St peters Dome in the distance.

Good to know: from Piazza del Quirinale, you can easily walk to the Trevi fountain, another lovely place to visiting in the early evening.

The Oppian Hill in front of the Colosseum

If you want to catch a view of the Colosseum at sunset, then the best place to go is the Colosseum itself or I should say the Oppian Hill, just in front.

You can catch nice views already from ground level, or you can climb the small flights of stairs to Via degli Annibaldi and the little park nearby.

The Colosseum is usually closed at sunset but you can visit in the afternoon and, occasionally, after dark. You can find my tips for visiting the Colosseum here.

Sunset on Rome Colosseum

The Aventine Hill side of the Circus Maximus

Another beautiful Roman ruin, the Circus Maximus, is also a fabulous backdrop for a Rome sunset.

The best place to catch the view is from the Aventine: you can find all you need to know to visit Circus Maximus here.

Sunset on Rome Circus Maximus

Best sunset spots in Rome: attractions and terraces

The top of Castel Sant’Angelo

You need a ticket to visit Castel Sant’Angelo but if you get one close to sunset, you will get two attractions for the price of one: the castle, which is wonderful, and the view over Rome and the Vatican, which is priceless this time of day.

The castle offers several view points, some overlooking the river and others, my favorite, looking towards St Peter’s square.

This is one of the best places to watch the sunset in Rome with views over the Vatican. You can find my full guide to visiting Castel Sant’Angelo here.

View from castel Sant'Angelo Rome Italy at sunset

The Terrace of the Otivm hotel

One of the best places to watch the sunset in Rome with a drink is the rooftop terrace of the Otivm hope.

This is an excellent hotel in Rome City Center, so closet to the Vittoriano monument to be blessed with stunning views over it.

Top tip: if you can stay here, make sure you ask for a room with a private terrace.

We had it and it was wonderful, you get a private sunset view all for yourself! This is one one of our favorite romantic hotels in Rome and one I highly recommend.

Sunset on Rome Vittoriano

The Divinity terrace of the Iconic Pantheon Hotel

One of the most beautiful places for sunset in Rome if you are looking for romance, views and a nice drinks it the rooftop terrace of teh Icon Pantheon Hotel, the Divinity Terrace.

Located just at the back of the Pantheon, the terrace is open to non guests too and offers incredible views over the unique dome of Sant’Ivo alla Sapienza and the stag head at the top of Sant’Eustchio church, as well as enviable views of the dome of the Pantheon itself!

For me, this is one of the best views over Rome, any time of day.

Good to know: this is one of the best hotels in Rome near the Pantheon, if you have the budget for it.

Sunset from Rome terrace with dome of St Ivo church

Other places to see the sunset in Rome

The places above are those I believe will offer the best sunset options, in terms of expansive views. However, there are many others worth mentioning:

Piazza Navona is lovely at sunset, when pink tones color its marvellous church and fountains. Try the terrace of the Eitch Borromini, one of the best luxury hotels neat Piazza Navona, for incredible views of the square.

The Pincio terrace is also wonderful offering expansive views over the city

The top of Monte Mario, one of the highest viewing points in the city

St Peter square, again a place that may not offer views over the city (unless you climb up to the dome!) but it a show of beauty itself, especially when the sun starts to set and bathes in orange tones its large colonnade.

I hope you enjoyed this overview of the best places to catch a sunset in Rome! Stay safe.

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