Where is Rome? All you need to know about Rome’s location (with map)

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Where is Rome? Learn Rome’s location and visualise it with a helpful map. Discover where Rome is and how to get there by air, train, road.

The city of Rome is located in central Italy, in the region of Lazio.

Rome’s geographical coordinates are 41.9028° N, 12.4964° E. They place Rome in the central area of Italy, close to Italy’s Mediterranean western coast.

In previous articles, we have discussed fun and interesting facts about Rome.

Piazza di Spagna Rome

Today, we will focus on Rome’s location and we will learn where Rome is, what type of climate it has, how far is it from the sea and the mountains.

We will also learn how to get to Rome from the rest of Italy and abroad.

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Where is Rome? Map of Rome in Italy

Rome is located in central Italy.

As well as Italy’s capital city, Rome is the regional capital of the region of Lazio.

Is Rome on the sea?

Rome City center is not on the sea. However, parts of Rome are.

The neighborhood of Ostia is on the coast and it is usually referred to as Rome’s beach.

Fiumicino, where you find Rome’s main airport, is also on the sea and it is part of the municipality of Rome.

Civitavecchia is Rome’s cruise port and it is located on the coast, a little over 60Km north of Rome.

Is Rome close to the mountains?

Rome is close to the Appennini Mountain range and day trips to the mountains are easy from the city, especially by car.

In winter, the area of Terminillo is one of the closest options to spend a day on the snow from Rome.

Doe Rome have a river?

Rome has a river that crosses the city center. The river of Rome is called the Tiber (Tevere, in Italian).

In Rome City center you also find an island that goes by the name Tiber Island or, in Italian, Isola Tiberina.

How far is Rome from the rest of Italy?

Another way to answer the question where is Rome, is to look at where Rome is located vs other popular Italian destinations.

Rome is in central Italy and, as such, a good starting point to explore large parts of the country.

At a glance:

From Rome toDistanceBest mean of transportTransport Time*
Florence 270KMTrain1.5h
Tuscany countryside160-270Km depending on exact locationCar2h+
Venice520kmTrain3h45 mins
Sorrento 265kmTrain / car2.5h – 3h
Salerno (Amalfi Coast)268kmTrain2h
Cinque Terre450kmTrain4h
Bari (Puglia)468kmCar7h
Dolomites 700kmTrain + car7H+
Sicily920kmPlane / train/ car1h/15h/11h
*Please use as reference only: time needed varies based on mean of transport / season / traffic/ etc

How to get to Rome by air

Rome has two airports that connect it to the rest of Italy, Europe and the world.

Rome’s biggest International airport is Fiumicino / Leonardo da Vinci Airport (code: FCO).

Fiumicino airport is large and modern and has flights serving national, European and intercontinental routes.

Rome’s second apart is called ‘Ciampino Airport’ (code” CIA). This is a smaller airport served by low cost carriers connecting Rome to other cities in Italy and selected European destinations.

You can find here >>> my complete guide to Rome’s airports.

Ryanain plane

How to get to Rome by train

Rome has several train stations that connecting to destinations in Italy near and far.

Italy’s train network is very efficient: if coming from the rest of Italy, a train into the city is easily your best option.

Rome’s train stations are:

Roma Termini: Termini is Rome’s main train station. It is located in Rome City center and has local, regional, interregional, and high speed trains.

Roma Tiburtina: Tiburtina is another good train station in Rome, served by several trains including high speed.

Smaller train stations in Rome: Rome has many smaller train stations served by commuter trains and local trains.

Out of the many, those visitors may find useful are especially Roma Tuscolana, Ostiense, Trastevere, San Pietro.

These are smaller train stations in Rome, useful for local trains and for getting to Civitavecchia port.

Outside of Roma Termini Train Station at night

How to get to Rome by sea

The closest cruise port to Rome is Civitavecchia.

Civitavecchia is located 72KM north-west of Rome City center and it is the closest port to reach Rome by cruise ship.

Due to the significant distance from Rome main attractions, it is important to plan your time carefully if planning a shore excursion just for a day.

If you are making your own way from Civitavecchia to Rome, you can choose between several options:

How to get to Rome by car

The saying ‘all road leads to Rome’ is accurate: Rome is exceptionally well connected to other parts of Italy by road.

The city is served by Autostrade (Motorway/highway), Strade Statali (National Roads) and smaller roads.

Autostrade serving Rome are:

A1, Autostrada del Sole, the oldest motorway in Europe and the most important in Italy.

This motorway connects Milan to Naples, passing by some of Italy’s most important cities such as Florence and Bologna.

A24, Autostrada Roma – L’Aquila, is the motorway that connects Rome to Teramo and the eastern Italian coast.

Via Aurelia is the coastal road linking Rome to France, a popular route to reach coastal Tuscany and Liguria.

Via Appia connects Rome to Brindisi, in Puglia.

What type of climate does Rome get?

Rome has a Mediterranean climate / Subtropical climate.

This climate is characterized by four season with a hot summer, a mild winter and mild yet rainy shoulder seasons. Snow in Rome is rare but not unheard of.

You can find all you need to know about Rome’s weather and what to pack for it in our guide to the best time to Visit Rome.

I hope this quick overview about Rome’s location and transport options to get to the city was helpful. Safe travel planning!

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