How to get from Ciampino airport to Rome: 4 best ways

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How to get from Ciampino airport to Rome city centre: practical guide to use bus, train or taxi to get from Ciampino to your hotel.

Ciampino airport is the smallest of the two Rome airports and came onto the international stage when Ryanair elected it as its Rome base in the early 2000s.

Becoming the airport of choice of low cost airlines meant that the little Ciampino airstrip turned into a busy airport almost overnight, with flights coming in and out of it from all over Italy and Europe.

Ciampino now serves a large  number of flights and see a high number of travelers stomping its corridors each day.

I would love to to say that the airport structure rose to the challenge posed by this new role, and that Ciampino airport became a large and modern airport meeting all traveler’s need. However, this is not quite the case!

While Ciampino does have more services than before, including small food joints and newsagents, it is very much a low coast airline/ secondary airport so don’t expect luxury.

I use Ciampino often: it is an excellent choice if you are flying into Rome from smaller airport in Italy and Europe and it is perfect if are staying in the Southern part of the city or you land in Rome to drive elsewhere.

In this guide, I am going to share the best ways to get from Ciampino into Rome city center.

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4 ways to get from Ciampino airport to Rome at a glance

There are four ways to get from Ciampino Airport to Rome: shuttle bus, bus+train, taxi, private transfer.

All have pros and cons and they come in at very different price points. This is an overview:

Journey / Drop off locationType of TransportPrice
Ciampino Airport to Termini Station (city center) SIT busShuttle Bus6 Euro
Ciampino Airport to Termini Station (city center) Terravision BusShuttle Bus6 Euro
Ciampino Airport to City Center*Taxi30 Euro
Private Transfer to destination of choiceCar / Mini VanDepends on service chosen
Ciampino Airlink to Termini StationBus + Train2.70 Euro
* Locations inside the Aurelian Walls, standard fare, not metered.

How to get from Ciampino airport to Rome city center by shuttle bus

The easiest and cheapest way to get from Ciampino airport to Rome is by bus.

The airport is served by several bus companies:

Terravision buses connect the airport directly to Termini station.

Tickets can be bought at the bus door for 6 Euro cash or you can book in advance online at the same price (recommended).

The service runs in conjunction with the flight schedule between 08:15  and 00:15.

>>> Get Terravision Shuttle Bus Tickets in Advance here <<<

Sit buses offer an equivalent service  to those of Terravision and the cost is the same too: 6 euro. They run from 07.45 to 23.15.

>>> You can get your shuttle ticket quickly and safely here <<<

These two bus companies stop immediately outside the Ciampino Arrivals terminal and are, in my experience, excellent.

You will see the buses at their stands as you leave the airport: space for luggage is provided in the hold of the bus and the journey has no intermediate stops.

Other buses (manged by Cotral and Schiaffini)  connect the airport with Termini and metro station Anagnina.

The bus from Termini runs 05:30 and 22:50 and costs 3.90 Euro while the one from Anagnina run from 06:10 to 22:40 and costs 1,20 Euro.

Once in Rome Termini or Anagnina, you can use the local buses to get to your accommodation. Find how to uses buses and metro in Rome in our Rome public transport guide

Taxis from Ciampino to Rome

Getting a taxi from Ciampino to Rome is pretty straightforward.

Taxi fares in Rome

Ciampino is a small airport and taxis stop just outside the terminal in a designated area, which is guarded by an electronic barrier that only allows authorised vehicles to enter.

This barrier means only official taxis can come in – they are white, with ‘taxi’ written on top.

As you exit the terminal, you will see the taxi area in front of you, immediately to your right.

The taxi service into Rome city center operates on a flat fee system (currently 31 Euro): signs informing you of the fare are well visible at the taxi stand.

Currently,official taxi fares from Ciampino are:

  • From Ciampino Airport to inside the Aurelian Walls: € 31,00
  • From Ciampino airport to Tiburtina Station: € 35,00
  • From Ciampino Airport to Stazione Ostiense: € 30,00

You can check official taxi fares in Rome and a handy map here.

Need to know: the flat fees applies to destination inside the Aurelian Walls, which are ancient walls still standing around large parts of Rome city center. The designation ‘inside the Aurelian Walls’ indicated most of the city center and some areas near the Vatican. Be advised that not everywhere in Rome is within this area!

Make sure you double check the cost with your driver, pointing to the map, that the fee applies to your destination.

Taxi scams in Rome Ciampino

Taxi scams are a lot less common than many expect. However, it is good to know how taxis operate in Rome, so you can be sure of what service you are entitled to and for how much.

The main things to remember about taxis from Ciampino to Rome are:

Official taxis are white, with the ‘taxi’ sign on top. Both outside and inside, there are official badges and price lists, so you always know what the fares are.

The flat fee applies to trips from Ciampino Airport to destinations inside the Aurelian Walls. All other destinations are by meter.

The meter is at the front of the dashboard, beside the driver, well visible to the passenger. Always ensure it is on. Refuse rides from drivers who claim the meter ‘doesn’t work’.

Do not make ‘deals’ with drivers and do not ask them how much a metered ride is. The only flat fee is from the airport to inside the Aurelian Wall, all the rest is by meter and price can only be finalised on arrival, once the ride is over. Asking how much a ride is opens up the risk of them offering an off meter prices, usually much more expensive that the correct one.

It is your legal right to pay by credit card. It is common for taxi drivers to prefer cash so, to avoid unpleasant discussions, make sure before you board they accept cards. If they do not, I usually take it as a sign I should get the next driver!

Important note if traveling with children: the use of car seats in taxis is not compulsory and taxis do not provide them. If traveling with a young child, bring your own!

Going from Ciampino to Rome with the Ciampino Airlink

The cheapest way to get from Ciampino Airport to Rome is by catching the Ciampino Airlink.

sing in Ciampino airport for the Ciampino Airlink

This is a service that allows you to get from Ciampino to Rome Termini at a fraction of the price of others however, it is also a little more laborious as it requires you to catch a local bus to the Ciampino Train Station and then catch the main train line to Termini.

If this extra passage is not a problem for you, catching the Ciampino Airlink is reasonably easy.

On arrival to the luggage hall of Ciampino, you will see large red signs with directions and cost – the bus leaved the airport approximately every 20 minutes and the journey overall takes about an hour.

This is the cheapest way to get from Ciampino to Rome: kids go free.

Booking a private transport from Ciampino Airport to your hotel in Rome

If you are one a more comfortable budget, then the easiest way to get from Ciampino airport to Rome is by booking a private transfer.

There are several companies offering this service and you can choose between different types of cars and levels of comfort.

The price varies in relation to the type of car selected. I highly recommend you select your service in advance and do not rely on offers you may receive at the airport.

Some companies you can consider and book before your trip are (check exact price and reviews at the following links):

Not sure what Rome airport is more convenient to you? Go back to our airport guide

I hope you found this article useful and it helped answering the question: how to get from Ciampino airport to Rome? Safe travels!

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