How to book a pizza class for kids in Rome: our review + why we loved it!

by marta

All you need to know to book a pizza making class for kids in Rome. Read our full review of this fun cooking experience, learn what to expect and how to plan the same fun activity for you and your kids. This activity is open and available to book in 2021/2022.

Do your kids like cooking? And do they love pizza?

If the answer to both these questions is yes, then they will love making pizza in Rome in a real pizzeria!

You will find plenty of excellent pizza in Rome however, it is way more fun when your meal is preceded by some fun in the kitchen.

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Close up of child's hands making pizza dough
Close-up of children’s hands preparing dough for pizza. Credit – Depositphotos. Looking for a fun activity to do with kids while in Rome? A family friendly pizza class may just be the idea for you!

I know this well. I make pizza at home once a week.

Friday is our ‘pizza night’ an my kids love not just eating the pizza but also the making bit.

We start from flour, yeast and water and build if from the ground up, going form zero to full dinner like real pros.

Making pizza at home is fun but when I read about pizza making class in a Rome pizzeria I knew that it would be even more fun.

Imagine: a professional pizza maker, a real kitchen, a real wood-fire oven!

I thought making pizza with the kids in Rome would be great fun and so I ignored the stares of my friend who thought it was a ‘totally touristy thing to do’ and booked our workshop.

Well my friends can eat their hat (or the pizza we made): the pizza making class was a huge success with our kids and stays as one of our favorite things we ever did in Rome.

The class we chose is the family friendly pizza master class by Rome4Kids / Global dream found on GetYourGuide

You can book the very same class here.

Pizza class for kids in Rome: quick facts

This activity is suitable for kids of primary school age.

The class runs in the morning, and finishes with lunch on the premises

All equipment and ingredients are provided, you just show up!

No cooking experience necessary

The class is in English

Kid- friendly pizza class in Rome: what to expect

Before booking a class I read extensively about the options available in Rome and eventually settled for the class hosted by Rome4Kids / Global Dream.

I chose this provider for several reasons: one was the excellent reviews I had read about them online and the other was that the class promised to be in a real Rome pizzeria, in a nice location  in Rome city centre.

The pizzeria in question was close to Piazza Navona: this meant that we were easily able to slot in a morning here within our itinerary and could easily plan sightseeing in the afternoon.

We selected the option for the lunch class and on a rainy morning took the bus to the address provided.

We found the pizzeria straight away, got a warm welcome (complete with coffee and water for the kids) from the owner and soon we were ready to start!

The pizzeria was open at that time but by the nature of the business hasn’t got many clients coming in and out so we basically had it all for ourselves and the staff.

The only other people there were a Japanese family with two kids a similar age as ours and it was fun to see the four kids, which had no common language, bond over this activity!

Mixing the ingredients

The first part of the class is all about making the dough. 

Kids and adults received aprons and we quickly gathered around the pizza-making bench where each child was given a task: depending on age, they poured, mixed, added pinches of salt and choose their very own pizza toppings.

Mr M loved his task of measuring flour and took it very seriously. It was an important one as pizza only has few ingredients so they need to be right.

My son measuring ingredients while taking a pizza making class in Rome

Little Ms E is got the task of adding salt: she loved that the task required being careful about quantities, she is super precise in everything she does.

It was lovely to see how nice the owner of the pizzeria and the pizzaiolo (Egyptian, did you know most pizza makers in Rome are from Egypt nowadays?) were to the kids – they had infinite patience, laughed with them and supported them every step of the way.

The class was entirely in English although the main person leading the class was a local.

Pizza making class for kids

Time for toppings – unleashing our creativity during our family pizza class!

Pizza dough needs to rest to be good to eat by Chef Maurizio had a trick up his sleeve and magically produced a dough he had made the night before!

This way, we could get on with the next part of the cooking pizza process: toppings.

The kids had a choice of many toppings and Chef Maurizio showed them how to decorate their pizza to make a face.

We made pizza in the shape of a face in the pizza making class for kids in Rome

This meant they all added courgettes and olives to their creation – yes, the pizza making class turned into a vegetable eating success, an excellent bonus.

We made one pizza each and the chef gave us nice tips on how to make the perfect one.

The main advice given was that you must no overdo it with toppings. If you do, the centre of the pizza doesn’t cook properly and stays soggy and the pizza is a disaster.

Disaster averted, pizza were ready to go into the oven.

In the oven!

Real Italian pizza is made in wood fire ovens and we had one burning behind us the whole time.

The oven is safe for kids (there is no way they can reach the flame or get too close to the hot parts of it) and they were allowed to get the pizza in with the long ‘spade’ specific for this purpose.

They absolutely loved being able to do this and let me tell you: it is not an easy task!

We adults  also tried to get the pizza on the spade and it took us quite a few attempts – and quite a few creases on our pizza – before we succeeded!

My son putting pizza in a real wood fire oven at the end of our kids's pizza class in Rome

Eating time

After a few minutes in the super hot over, our pizza were ready and we all sat down to eat.

Mr M went for a focaccia, a pizza with no toppings except olive oil and salt (surprisingly delicious, despite the plain looks!), Little Ms E for a smiley Margherita with olives, while I made a simple margherita and P went all out with his take on Napoletana.

We had a lovely lunch: the pizzeria had a nice decor with chequered tables and it felt delightful to sit down after out cooking endeavour.

Conclusion – why we recommend a pizza class for kids in Rome

This pizza master class for kiss was a huge success and one of the best things we did in Rome in winter.

It was a super fun way to spend a rainy day in Rome but I recommend it at all times!

We thank Rome4kids tours and the lovely people pizzaioli we met, who made our kids feel welcome, empowered and truly entertained.

I highly recommend this activity to all families!

You can book this activity easily and safely here

I hope you enjoyed this quick review of our experience with this pizza class for kids in Rome and it helped you decide whether this activity is right for you.

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