The best pizza in Rome: delicious addresses you’ll love (includes gluten free!)

by marta

Taste the best pizza in Rome in one of these pizza restaurants serving traditional roman pizza, thick crust pizza, gourmet pizza, gluten-free pizza, for pizza lovers and novices.

Rome is among one of the best pizza destinations in Italy and also in the world. 

Pizza in Rome is so traditional and widespread, you don’t really need a list of the best piazza places in Rome to have a good experience.

With the exception of some tourist traps and below-par establishments, the average traditional pizzeria in Rome has good pizza however, if you are a foodie or you truly want to experience pizza that is a bit special, you will enjoy this list!

Whether you want the best traditional Rome pizza, the best gluten-free pizza in Rome, or are on a quest to taste the best gourmet pizza in Rome, these are good choices. Before you tuck in, let’s have a look at some words and pizza terms you may need to make your choice.

Roman pizza/ Roman-style pizza – round and with thin crust, made in a woodfire oven, usually served in the evening (although lunch options are getting more popular especially in tourist areas)

Neapolitan style pizza – thick crust, the good ones are very light and fluffy. Often served with buffalo mozzarella and gourmet toppings. Very popular in Rome, even if originally from Naples!

Thick crust pizza margherita in Rome

Pizza al taglio – The Rome equivalent to pizza by the slice

Pinsa – it looks like a small pizza but it is made with different grains and it is usually served as a starter or small snack. Not a traditional dish but a very popular one in latest years 

Please note: we have NO business connections with the places mentioned in this article and received no compensation or incentive to list them here.

The best pizza in Rome: 16 top pizza places to try in Rome

Rome pizza cooking in woodfire over
Brick oven with flames and ember ready to cook a delicious pizza

Emma Pizzeria con cucina – best pizza in Rome with organic ingredients (city center)

‘Emma’ is the pizza place of Roscioli, a huge name in Rome’s food and baking scene in particular, and the person behind the famous Forno Roscioli Bakery, an institution in Rome.

Emma’s pizza is made with organic flours and highly selected ingredients such as Tuscan oil, Neapolitan buffalo mozzarella and seasonal produce.

There is a good choice of toppings from the most traditional to some creative ones such as tomato, pancetta di cinta and caciocavallo. They also serve white pizzas (aka, no tomato sauce) and have some good vegan pizza options.

Their menu has a very clear allergy awareness section with icons so you know exactly what is in your pizza before you order, even without speaking Italian.

One of the best traditional thin crust pizza in Rome and a beautifully designed space.

Emma Pizzeria is in Via Monte della Farina 28/29 (city center). Website:

What to see nearby: Campo de’ Fiori, Piazza Navona, Rome Ghetto

Dar Poeta – traditional Rome pizza pace in Trastevere

Dar Poeta is an institution in Trastevere and has been serving some of the best pizza in Rome for decades.

Tucked away in a pretty street in the heart of Trastevere, the pizza here is traditional, light and delicious.

You can choose between traditional toppings or more original combinations and they also have yummy desserts, all at very reasonable prices.

This is one of the best pizza places in Rome for a traditional, no fuss, honest pizza experience.

Address: Vicolo del Bologna, 45, 00153 Roma RM, Italy

Traditional pizza margherita in Rome pizzeria

Berbere’ – best artisan pizza in Rome + best Rome vegan pizza

Berbere’ opened in 2010 and quickly made a name for itself for its super light base and delicious toppings.

Their pizza is delicious and very easy to digest.

Berbere’s dough is made with living sourdough and comes with a wide choice of toppings such as ‘speck, gorgonzola, mozzarella, hazelnuts and honey’, ‘Prosciutto di Parma, fiordilatte mozzarella, burrata, orange infused oil’ (these two are my favorite, simply delicious) but they also have vegan options and traditional pizzas such as Margherita (tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, fresh basil).

Casual and welcoming, you can find Berbere’ in Via Mantova 5, 00198 Rome. Website: https://w

What to see nearby: Coppede’ District, Villa Torlonia, Piazza Fiume Shopping Mall

Il Datterino Giallo – fantastic pizza place for thick crust pizza near Rome’s Coppede’ district

Il Datterino Giallo is outside of the historical center of Rome but it is one of my favourite addresses in Rome for food in general and for pizza in particular hence, it makes this list!

Their pizza is fluffy, light and delicious. You can choose between traditional toppings such as fresh tomato sauce and buffalo mozzarella or you can opt for pizza datterino, which is made with datterino tomatoes, easy to recognize by their light yellow color.

This place is excellent for pizza, pizza for kids (they make smaller ones for little guests) and it also makes amazing food: for me, this is the best pizza place in Rome for thick crust pizza and a fantastic address if you have a group with split desires for a pizza and restaurant night.

Address: Piazza Ledro, 00198 Rome

What to see nearby: Coppede’ District, Trieste Salario area

Pizza dtterino, with peculiar yellow colored tomato sauce

Il Piccolo Buco – great gourmet thick crust pizza place near the Trevi Fountain (city center)

If you love light and fluffy thick crust pizza, then you should head to Il Piccolo Buco, a small place close to the Trevi Fountain.

The pizza here is unique and delicious.

The owner of this pizza prides himself to using a slow raising process that entails a 48-hour leavening that makes the pizza mouthwatering and he is fastidious about ingredients, chosen to be fresh and of the highest quality.

Not to be missed are the gourmet pizza options such as ‘funghi, cotto e burrata’ (mushrooms cooked ham and burrata cheese) or ‘culatello, rucola e pomodorini’ (culatello, arugula and small tomatoes)

This remarkable restaurant is a must-visit as it’s also among the best pizzeria in Rome if you are looking for a gourmet pizza experience in Rome city center. The only downside is the price, higher than average, albeit pretty standard for this area.

This small pizzeria is near the Trevi Fountain in Via del Lavatore 91. Website:

What to see nearby: Trevi Fountain, Quirinale, Spanish Steps

Thick crust pizza

Seu Pizza Illuminati – gourmet pizza in Rome Trastevere

Seu Pizza Illuminati is the pizza restaurant of Pier Daniele Seu, who made a name for himself in several establishment before opening his own Pizza place in Trastevere.  

Seu Pizza Illuminate quickly a name for itself as the best pizza in Trastevere however, not all agree as the pizza crust is thick and fluffy and the topping sometimes unusual, which not all traditionalists approve of! This is the best places in Rome for Neapolitan style pizza.  

Seu Illuminati is now renowned for its mouthwatering gourmet pizza and original toppings.

As well as serving the best gourmet pizza in Rome, theSeu Pizza Illuminati menu also offers the best pizza classics, vegetarian options, and unique new ingredients combinations worth trying out.

The pizzeria has a slightly upscale feel and booking is recommended.

This excellent pizza restaurant is in Via Angelo Bargoni, 10 – 18, 00153 Roma RM. Website:

What to see nearby: Trastevere neighborhood

La Gatta Mangiona – gourmet pizza in Rome Monteverde

One of the top ten pizzeria in Rome is the La Gatta Mangiona.

A neighborhood pizza place in origin and spirit, this place became popular in Rome thanks to their flavorsome, thick pizza base, and the good choice of toppings, ranging from classics to creative.

In a relaxed and no frill atmosphere, you can taste traditional Margherita, Marinara, Capricciosa etc or try out innovative toppings such as ‘gateau pizza’ (mozzarella, potatoes, ham, stracchino, rosemary) or parmigiana (mozzarella, eggplant, parmesan, cherry tomatoes, basil) .

This delicious pizza restaurant in Via Ozanam 30-32, 00152 Rome. Website:

Thick crust pizza, Neapolitan style

Da Remo – best traditional Pizza in Testaccio

The best pizza in Tastaccio is at Pizzeria Remo, which served delicious traditional rome pizza in one of the most traditional areas you can find.

No frill environment, nice woodfire over, all the classics starters and pizza toppings: a good place for a no-frill pizza in Testaccio.

Address: Piazza di S Maria Liberatrice, 44, 00153 Roma. Facebook page here

What to see nearby: Testaccio neighborhood, Aventine Hill

I marmi – traditional pizza place in Rome Trastevere

Ai Marmi pizzeria is an institution in Trastevere, a pizza place that has seen and keeps seeing generations of Roman families who come this place for traditional Roman pizza evening.

The pizza here is think and crispy and comes in several varieties all typical of Rome’s culinary tradition: margherita, capricciosa, marinara, napoletana, funghi etc.

This is a traditional place with casual, no-frill décor and it is popular with families and students alike, looking for a fun and no fuss night with good pizza and quick service.

Fun fact; since the inside of this restaurant has a lot of marbles, locals have always called it l’obitorio (the morgue!)

Pizzeria Ai Marmi, Viale di Trastevere, 53, Roma, RM. Facebook page here

I Balestrari – traditional Roman pizzeria and restaurant (several locations)

I Balestrari have pizza places in several locations and serve no-nonsense, traditional Roman pizza in Rome-inspired ambiance.

At first glance, the Roman songs in the background and the checkered tablecloths might make you feel this is a touristy place; however, while tourist do come here, their pizza is delicious!

The menu includes all the most typical pizza of Rome, from Margehtita, to Napoli, Capricciosa and more, all the traditional Rome starters and they also have a nice selection of Roman pasta dishes and meat.

This is a fantastic place for pizza and also a great address if you are traveling with people in the mood for different foods.

The two addresses I know best are that in Prati and in Via Alessandria, both highly recommended. You can find exact addresses and book your table here.

Best gluten free pizza in Rome

If you need to stay gluten free but do not want to miss out on pizza in Rome, you’ll be happy to hear there are great gluten free pizza places in Rome!

To rate these, I have asked a close friend of mine who is a coeliac and he gave me addresses he goes to and that match all the boxes: delicious pizza that is gluten free and Coeliac friendly.

The best gluten free pizza in Rome is:

  • Pizza in Trevi, Via di San Vincenzo 30/30A, 00187 Rome
  • La Soffitta Renovatio, Piazza Risorgimento 46A, Prati/Vatican area
  • New food gluten free, Piazza San Vincenzo Pallotti 208, Rome city center.

Alice Pizza- best pizza by the slice in Rome city center

Alice pizza is a great address for a slice of pizza on the go.

You find Alice in many areas in Rome, including Largo Argentina, which you are most likely to cross at least once during your Roman vacation.

Alice has many different types of pizza, ranging from white and stuffed to simple margarita to margarita with toppings: you order at the till, point at what you want and you pay by weight.

A great address and an easy one for a quick, quality, small meal in Rome city center.

Pizza Dai Cinque – great pizza by the slice near Vatican

More great pizza by the slice in Rome is found at the Pizza dai Cinque, one of the best pizza addresses in Rome.

Dai Cinque has several shops in Rome and has won numerous prizes for their pizza which is, indeed, delicious: lovely crispy crust, many topping and just that right balance between taste and lightness.

Highly recommended!

Address: Via Cicerone 76-78, Prati district

Voglia di Pizza – best pizza gluten free in Rome city center

Finding a good gluten free pizza is a tall order but it is possible! In Rome, great gluten free pizza is served at ‘Voglia di Pizza’, a nice pizza place in Rome city center with a choice of gluten free pizza, gluten free fried starters and eve gluten free beer.

This is one of the best pizza places in Rome for food intolerances and allergies: read all about them on their website.

The best pinsa in Rome

In the last few year, a new item has become popular on Rome’s menus: pinsa. At first glance, pinsa looks a lot like pizza and indeed, they have a many things in common. However, they are not exactly the same thing.

Rome pinsa

Pinsa is usually oval in shape, much smaller than traditional Rome pizza and made with special grains such as kamut, soy and rice flour.

It is usually served as a starter or as an alternative to pizza by the slice and it is perfect to satisfy your pizza craving since the taste is, frankly, very similar, especially if you are not a pizza conosseur!

Some places where to taste the best pinsa in Rome are:

Pinsere – on Via Flavia 98, 00189 Rome

La Pratolina – Via Degli Scipioni 248, 00192 Rome

Pinsa e Buoi – several addresses: San Lorenzo 15, Via Salaria 217, Viale Carlo Felice 51/53

I hope you enjoyed this overview of some of the best pizza places in Rome and you will find one you like. Buon appetito!

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Traditional Rome pizza in woodier oven with text: 14 best pizza in Rome

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