18 of the best children bookstores in Rome with online programs you can enjoy right now

by marta

A handpicked selection of the best children bookstores in Rome where to buy books, games, meet friends and let imagination run wild.

Inside tra le righe bookstore in Rome

Children’s bookstores are magical places. Spaces of imagination and creativity, they are colorful, welcoming, fun, everchanging and offer wonderful opportunities for kids and adults to explore, have fun and socialize.

In Rome, there are many beautiful children’s bookshops, catering to small and bigger readers with books and initiatives in Italian and English. These are some great children’s bookstores in Rome we hope you enjoy in person, when possible, and online!

Children bookstores in Rome map

The Little Reader – Italian and English bookstore for kids in Rome City Center

The Little Readers is a lovely children’s bookstore in Rome with books in Italian and English geared to kids 0 to teenagers.

As well as having a good selection of children’s books for sale both in Italian and English, they regularly organize storytime in English and Italian, kids workshops and author meetups. Located in Rione Monti, close to Piazza Vittorio, this bookshop is a lovely place to know if you want a child-friendly break while sightseeing or you are looking for a fun afternoon in town.

Address: Via Conte Verde 66b | Tel. +39 06 877 84678 | Web: www.thelittlereader.it

BeeBookstore – Bookstore and family center for kids (Italian and English)

BeeBookstore is a lovely kids bookstore in Rome Monte Sacro area with a bilingual vocation.

Its creator Emanuela is a certified ‘Magic teacher’ of the “Hocus&Lotus” language learning method and her vision was that of a space where children could learn and socialize while playing and having fun.

As well as a good selection of books and regular story time read aloud (now online, find them on their Facebook page!), the bookstores also organises workshops for kids that span from archaeology to cooking.

Address: Viale Carnaro, 00141 Roma | Tel. 334 860 2878 | Web: BeeBookstore Facebook Page

Biblioteca Centrale per Ragazzi / Rome’s Children’s Library

La Biblioteca centrale per ragazzi is Rome’s children’s library, a magical place home to over 30,000 children’s books!

Located in Rome city center, the library offers all standard library services and also organizes regular workshops for kids to help them familiarize themselves with books and storytelling, meeting with authors and exhibitions.

The library endeavors to showcase Italian writers and editors.

Younger kids can participate in the initiative ‘La bottega dei piccoli’, storytime happening each week on Wednesday (for kids under 3) and Thursday (kids 4 and up) 

Address: Via San Paolo alla Regola, 15-18 | Tel. +39 06 6880 1040 | Web: www.bibliotechediroma.it

Tra le Righe bookstore and bistro for kids and adults

Tra le Righe is a wonderful local bookstore and bistro with a lovely children section with books and selected toys.

Unlike others in this list, it is not specifically for kids however, it makes this list of children bookstores in Rome because of the good children titles in both Italian and the English and regular kids workshops and events it holds – some now available online!

Address: Viale Gorizia 29 – 00198 Roma | Tel. 06 8760 2445 | Web. www.tralerighe.it

PontePonente – children bookstore with parents’ reading corner in Ponte Lungo area

Libreria Ponteponente is a kids bookstore in the area of Ponte Lungo area.

Bright and welcoming, the bookshop has many books including a Gianni Rodari section, a section specialized for kids age 0 to 6, a library section and a parents’ reading corner, for those times when we want to tap into children’s literature for our little ones or for ourselves.

The bookshop organizes regular workshops for kids and mom and baby events.
Address: Via Mondovì 19/21/23 | Tel. +39 06 4542 6682 | web: www.ponteponente.it

Read Read Road – beautiful kids’ bookstore near Piazza Bologna

Read read Road is a beautiful kids bookshop in Via Padova, near Piazza Bologna and La Sapienza University.

The bookstore came to life thanks to the initiative of a mom who wanted to create a space for new parents and children to relax, mix and mingle and still follow this philosophy. as well as buying books, you can come here for storytime, author meetups and kids reading clubs (with parents) and music together workshops.

The bookstore has a free changing and feeding stations for its youngest patrons.

Address: Via Padova 51, 00161 Rome | Tel. +39 06 39379689 | Web: www.readreadroad.it

C’era due volte kids children bookstore

C’era due volte is a pretty kids bookstore, ludoteca (Play Center) and kids in Via Val Maggia, in the area of Ponte Delle Valli.

The bookstore stocks a nice selection of books both classic and new, it has many educational toys and it regularly organises kids events and workshops such as the fun upcoming ‘Enigma di Merlino’ (for kids 5+) and ‘Non e’ mica una tragedia- art workshop per la lavorazione dell’argilla’.

Address: Via Val Maggia 76/90, 00141 Roma | Tel. +39 06 64493250 | Web: www.ceraduevoltekids.it

Il Coniglio Volante – kids bookshop and venue in Prati

Il Coniglio Volante is a kids bookshop, workshop and event venue for kids in Via Bartolomei, in the Prati area.

The bookshop stocks books and games geared towards kids 0 to 12 years of age and has a rich calendar of Courses that include kids’ music, yoga, pottery, theater, movement and English and workshops such as ‘building’. ‘cooking’ and ‘doing’.

Address: Via Ugo Bartolomei 6, 00136 Rome | Tel. 06 5272 5541 Web. www.ilconigliovolante.com

Tana Liberi Tutti – Children bookstore and family cafe in Via di Pietralata

Tana Liberi Tutti is a children bookshop, family cafe, tearoom and workshop ‘for boys and girls’ of all ages (aka: it is great for mom and dad too!).

The store has children’s books, games, a nice family cafe’ area with organic products and it offers read-aloud story time (now moved online, find them on Facebook!), kids workshops spanning from music to cooking and more and even course for adults.

Address: via dei Monti di Pietralata 26, 00157 Roma | Tel: 06 8961 2653 | Web. www.tanaliberitutti.com

Il Giardino Incartato – children bookstore in Rome Pigneto

Il Giardino Incartato is a lovely kids bookstore in Pigneto born in 2011 as space for local kids and adults to meet, learn and foster creativity.

The bookshop stocks kids’ books and games and organises regularly author meet-ups and story time, now held online to keep being in touch even when not possible to be in the store in person. Check out their Facebook page.

Address: Via del Pigneto 303c, 00176 Roma | Tel. 06 960 45437 | Web. www.ilgiardinoincartato.com

L’Ora di Liberta’ – Rome bookstore for kids in Centocelle

L’Ora di Liberta is a boosktore for kids age 0 to 13 years of age in Centocelle. The bookstore stocks children’s books by publishing houses by and small, it has games and comics and organises workshops for kids and summer camps.

Aiming at involving the whole family, not just the kids, the bookshop also has fun initiative such as ‘spritz and games’ or ‘wine and books’ that are now online! Find them all on their Facebook Page.

Address: Piazza delle Giunchiglie 6, 00172 Roma | Tel. 06 9357 5477 | Web. www.loradiliberta.it

Libreria Dorfe’ – family store and children bookstores in Rome Ponte Milvio and Monteverde

Iberia Dorfe’ is a lovely bookstore with two venues, on in Monteverde and one at Ponte Milvio.

Both venues have kids’ books and games and regularly organise events such as story time read aloud, kids workshops (thing photography for kids, archaeology, pottery and more) and has a handy ‘baby pit stop’ feeding space that is perfect for feeding.

Address: Largo Alessandrina Ravizza 16, 00152 Roma | via Flaminia 508, 00191 Rome | Tel. 06 8776 4116 and 06 8893 3879 | Web. www.libreriadorfe.it

Libreria la Maratonda – kids bookstore in Rome Monteverde

La Maratonda bookstore is a nice kids bookshop and workshop venue in Monteverde. A bookshop, cafes and Ludoteca all in one, the bookstore hosts events for kids of all ages, including children under 1-3 y.o. who can come here to play and learn no matter the weather.

Address: Via Fontana 3, 00152 Roma | Tel. 06 8893 8884 | Web. www.librerialamaratonda.it

Tre libretti sul como’ – bookstore in Rome for kids 0 to 10

Tre libretti sul como’ is an independent bookstore devoted to kids age 0 to 10 years of age. The bookshop stores children’s books and toys/games and organizes workshops for kids and, separately, adults to foster curiosity, learning and socialization at all ages. You can find updates on all they offer on their Facebook page.

Address: Via Lucio Elio Seiano 75/77 00174 Roma | Tel. 06 6935 6817 | Web. www.trelibrettisulcomo.it

Piantaparole – kids bookstore in Labaro

PIantastorie is a’bookstore for young readers’ in Labaro. Colorful and welcoming, the bookstore has books and games and is also a venue for kids workshops and art exhibitions.

Follow them on Facebook for regular updates on what’s on.

Address: Via G. Frascheri 7, 00188 Roma | Tel. 06 8666 5947 | Web. www.piantaparole.it

Storie in Mongolfiera – kids bookshop and venue in Nuovo Salario

Storie in Mongolfiera is a kids bookshop and cultural center for kids age 0 tp 14 years old. The store stocks children books and games and organises regular kids workshops to let them experience yoga, theater, cooking and more.

Fun outdoor events such as ‘Un giorno in fattoria’ are also organised – find all updates on their Facebook page

Address: Piazza B. Belotti 4, 00139 Roma | Tel. 392 237 9872 | Web. www.storieinmongolfiera.it

Eco di Fata – children bookstore in Rome Garbatella

Eco di fata is a beautiful chicken bookstore in Rome Garbatella. As well as stocking children books and a curated selection of toys, the organise activities and workshops for kids and adults such as baby music, theater for kids, creative writing (fore kids age 10-14), kids book club and read aloud event.

Address: Via M. Tamburini 10/12 00154, Roma | Tel. 06 5124531 | Web. www.ecodifata.it

Sognalibri – Kids bookstore in Ostia

In Ostia, you find the beautiful Sognalibri, a kids bookstore for kids stocking books and games and regularly organizing reading mornings when the kids can play and learn about the functioning of a bookshop and listen to wonderful stories.

Address: Via isole di Capoverde 63/65/67, 00121 Ostia Lido | Tel. 06 0694844379 | Web. www.sognalibri.it

I hope you found this list of children bookstores in Rome useful. If you know great children bookstores in Rome you think we should add to this list, let us know: this list is for information only, all listings are free.

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