4 fantastic places to admire cherry blossoms in Rome

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4 fantastic places to admire cherry blossoms in Rome, one of the prettiest sights in Rome in spring.

This may come as a surprise to many but Rome has some lovely locations where to admire cherry blossoms!

Rome in spring is a great place for flowers.

Starting in February, many city trees start blossoming with yellow mimosa puffs, pink oleanders flowers, white plum blossoms and, in specific locations, you can also admire pretty cherry blossoms, and get a little taste of Japan in the Eternal City.

white cherry blossoms close up

There are 4 best locations in Rome for cherry blossoms: Rome botanical gardens, larghetto dell’Eur (Eur Pond Park), the gardens of the Japanese Institute in Rome and Via Panama.

Let’s see how to plan a visit to each to these.

Where to see cherry blossoms in Rome: Map

Cherry blossoms in Rome – best viewing spots

Laghetto dell’Eur – the best place to see cherry blossoms in Rome for free

If you are looking for a lovely park top admire cherry blossoms for free, then you want to head to Eur and its laghetto (lake).

Scenic view over the artificial lake in the EUR district, Rome, Italy

Laghetto dell’EUR is a lovely green area any time of the year, with nice lawns and trails along a pretty artificial pond, but between mid-March and mid-April, the park becomes truly special.

In 1957, Japan donated cherry trees to the city of Rome and they still now line this pretty park with their delicate white flowers.

The trail to see them is aptly called ‘Passegiata del Giappone’ (Japan trail) and it is one of the most relaxing things you can do in Rome in April.

Entrance to the park is free and so is embracing ‘Hanami’, the Japanese art of admiring the cherry blossoms and the beauty and ephemeral nature of life.

This is a lovely place in Rome for a picnic, a run and even a day out with kids in spring. If you have little ones, you’ll be happy to hear gelato and playgrounds are here too!

How to get here: the easiest way to come here from the center is by Metro B (stop: Eur Palasport), by bus N. 30 or 70, by car – several parking areas nearby.

Japanese Garden at Rome’s Botanical Gardens

Another fantastic place to see cherry blossoms in Rome and a personal favorite is the Japanese section of the Rome botanical gardens.

Located in Via Corsini, one of the most scenic roads in Trastevere, one of Rome’s most scenic neighborhoods, Rome’s botanical gardens are wonderful for plant lovers and a special place if you want to experience the Japanese gardens vibe in the heart of Rome.

The Japanese section of these gardens is wonderful and romantic.

Here you have cherry blossoms but not only: following the Japanese art of landscaping, the garden is organized as a symbolic walk through different phases of life, from birth to childhood, adulthood and elderly years.

Access to the botanical garden is ticketed, kids under 6 go free.

How to get here: tram 8, bus 23 or 280

Pro Tip: Rome’s Botanical Garden is a real Rome hidden gem. It is one of the best places in Rome to escape the crowds and also a wonderful local place to visit in Rome with kids.

The gardens of the Japanese Cultural Institute of Rome

The Japanese Cultural institute of rome is located in the wonderful and elegant area of Parioli Alti and is the best place to see cherry blossoms in Rome and tap into real Japanese culture.

The insitute has a wonderful garden that is usually closed to the public but has special openings in the cherry blossom season.

The only problem here is access: tickets for this special garden can only be bought on the phone and they sell out very quickly, so you need to be on your game to get a spot!

If you do get a ticket, you can be sure you will love your visit so I recommend you save the phone number on this page and out a reminder on your calendar to have a chance to see this pretty garden.

How to get here: tram 3 and 19, car

Via Panama

Via Panama is a beautiful street between the Trieste and Parioli neighborhood and another lovely location to admire cherry trees in Rome.

The road itself is a large-is road with cars however, there are cherry trees on its side and they are really pretty when their delicate pink flowers are in bloom.

Unlike the other locations in this list, Via Panama is not really a destination in itself but a beautiful street worth seeking out if you are in the area, for instance, while visiting Villa Ada or even the Coppede’ District, not too far from here.

How to get here: 168

When to see cherry blossoms in Rome

Cherry Blossoms are ephemeral and they usually only flower for a couple of weeks in spring.

The exact dates change year on year depending on the temperature and development of the season however, they are usually in flower in April.

Cherry Tree in Via Panama, Rome, Italy

Other places to see flowers in Rome

Cherry blossoms are beautiful and ephemeral but they are not the only flower you can admire in Rome.

Other lovely locations in Rome to enjoy spring blossoms are the Rose Garden of Rome, on the Aventine Hill, the already mentioned Rome Botanical Garden, which has areas with different types of plants that blossom at different times of the year.

For a true Rome experience, I highly recommend you also go to Villa Pamphili to admire the blossoms on the ‘Alberi di Giuda’ – lit. Jude’s trees.

The scientific name of these trees is Cercis Siliquastrum and they are wonderful in spring and summer.

Their branches blossom with bright pink and white flowers and while they may look less delicate than the Japanese cherry blossoms, they are as pretty and they have the advantage of staying in bloom for over a month!

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close up of pink cherry flowers with text:where to see cherry blossoms in Rome

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