100 Roman names for girls you will love

by marta

A curated selection of beautiful ancient Roman names for girls to add a historical touch to your baby name list.

Ancient Roman female names make beautiful names for girls.

Elegant and, often, easy to pronounce in different languages, female Roman names are often good international names and tend to sound elegant, refined and sweet.

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Roman girls’ names tend to have the following origins:

Family names: in Ancient Rome, women took the family name as their official name, to which they would add the name of their husband in genetic form. Example: Clodia Metelli was a woman of the gens (family) ‘Clodia’, married to a Metellus.

Family names are the most popular type of female Roman names for baby girls both in Ancient Rome and now.

Birth order names: these would be names based on the numeral order of birth: Second (second), Tertia (Third) etc

Geographical names: some Roman female names seem to suggest the origin of the person.

Goddess names: several Roman baby names we hear today come from the names of Roman Goddesses: Juno or Diana are perfect examples of this.

Mythological names: names taken from important female figures appearing in Roman legends such as Camilla or Lucretia

Christian names: the success and the spreading of Christianity brought to popularity Latin names for girls associated with the Christian religion.

These would have been popular in late Imperial times and are often now associates with martyrs and saints.

You can read more about female naming conventions in Ancient Rome here.

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30 popular Roman names for girls and their origin

Ancient Roman name for girlOrigin/most likely meaning
AdrianaAncient Roman family names, probably originally meaning ‘ from Adria’
Aemilia (also spelled: Emilia)Ancient Roman family name, feminine from of Aemilius
AmandaTo be loved, from the verb ‘aware’=love
AntoniaAncient Roman Family name, feminine from of Antonius
Camilla (also spelled: Camila, Kamila)Ancient Roman family name, feminine from of Camillus
Caecilia (also spelled: Cecilia)Ancient Roman family name, feminine from of Caecilius
Claudia (also spelled Klaudia)Roman Family name, feminine from of Clodio/Claudius
Cleliaancient Roman names associated with the idea of ‘fame’, ‘glory’
DianaGoddess Name
DonnaFrom the latin word ‘Domina’=lady
FaustinaFemale Ancient Roman family name from Fausta / Faustus = favorable
FlaviaRoman Family name, feminine from of Flavius
FulviaAncient family name, also meaning ‘blond’, feminine from of Fulvius
Iulia (also spelled Julia, Giulia)Ancient Roman family name, feminine of Julius
IrisGoddess name
Iuno (also spelled: Juno)Goddess Name
LauraFrom the latin ‘Laurus’=laurel
LuciaFrom the latin ‘lux’=light, feminine from of Lucius
LiviaRoman Family name, feminine from for Livius
MarcellaRoman Family name, feminine from of Marcellus
Martia (also spelled: Marzia)Devout to the God Mars
Paula (also Spelled: Paola)Female version of the male Roman name Paulus
SabinaFrom Sabina (geographical area)
SerenaSerene, quiet
SilvanaOf the forest (from the latin silva=wood), feminine from of Silvanus
Titiana (also spelled: Tiziana)Ancient Roman family name, feminine diminutive from of Titius
TulliaAncient Roman family name, feminine from of Tullius
ValeriaAncient Roman family name, feminine from of Valerius

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100 more Roman names for girls: common and less common ancient Latin baby names

  1. Aelia – of the sun
  2. Aemilia – ancient Roman family name  
  3. Adriana – ancient Roman family name
  4. Agrippina – ancient Roman family name, the most famous women by this name are Agrippina the Elder and Agrippina the Younger from the Julio-Claudian dynasty
  5. Alba – white
  6. Alma – nourishing
  7. Amanda – to be loved (from the latin verb: amare=to love)
  8. Antonia – ancient Roman family name
  9. Apollonia – latin versos of a Greek name meaning ‘sacred to the God Apollo’
  10. Appia – Ancient Roman Family name
  11. Aurora  – dawn
  12. Augusta – Venerable, sacred
  13. Balbina – Ancient Roman family name
  14. Benedicta – blessed
  15. Bibiana – name of uncertain origin, usually associated with Saint Bibiana, martyr in the IV century
  16. Caecilia – ancient Roman family name
  17. Calpurnia – Ancient Roman family name
  18. Camilla – ancient Roman family name, also associated with the Roman legend of Camilla the Virgin
  19. Cintia – from Cintus (place)
  20. Clara – clear, radiant
  21. Claudia – ancient Roman family name
  22. Clelia – fame, glory
  23. Clodia  – ancient Roman family name
  24. Cornelia – ancient Roman family name
  25. Costantia – constant, reliable
  26. Decima – tenth
  27. Diana – name of Goddess
  28. Domitia – Ancient Roman family name
  29. Domitilla – see Domitia
  30. Domna – lady,
  31. Donata – gifted
  32. Dora – probably the latin version of the Greek name meaning ‘golden’
  33. Drusilla – female form of Drusus, probably meaning ‘fruitful’
  34. Ennia – Ancient Roman family name
  35. Fabricia – ancient Roman family name
  36. Fausta – favorable
  37. Felicia – happy
  38. Flaminia – ancient Roman family name 
  39. Flavia – ancient Roman family name
  40. Flora -name of Goddess
  41. Fosca – dark (said about hair color)
  42. Fulvia  – ancient Roman family name, also meaning ‘blond’
  43. Galeria – ancient Roman family name
  44. Galla – ancient Roman family name
  45. Germana – ‘from Germania’
  46. Helena – name of Greek origin, popular in Rome. The mother of Emperor Constantine the Great was called Elena
  47. Herminia – probably meaning ‘from Armenia’
  48. Hilaria – happy, joyful
  49. Hortensia – ancient Roman family name, probably associated with the latin word ‘hortus‘=garden
  50. Ignatia – ancient Roman family name
  51. Iris – Name of Goddess
  52. Iulia  – ancient Roman family name
  53. Iuliana  – ‘devout to Jovis’
  54. Iuno – name of Goddess
  55. Iustina – female of Iustus= righteous
  56. Laura – from the latin word ‘laurus‘=laurel
  57. Lavinia – ancient roman family name, associated with Aeneas and the myth of the birth of Rome
  58. Lesbia – popularised by the woman loved by poet Catullus
  59. Letitia – joy
  60. Licia – Roman family names, probably meaning ‘from Licia’
  61. Livia – ancient Roman family name
  62. Lucia – ancient roman first name, possibly associated with the word lux=light
  63. Maecia – probably a nickname from Marcia, associated with God Mars
  64. Marcella – ancient Roman family name
  65. Marcia – ancient Roman family name, probably associated with the God Mars
  66. Marina – of the sea
  67. Massima – greatest
  68. Messalina – ancient Roman family names, the most famous female figure by this name was Valeria Messalina, third wife of Emperod Claudius
  69. Metella – female of Metellus, male Roman cognomen
  70. Mirta – myrtle
  71. Naevia – ancient Roman family name
  72. Octavia – ancient Roman family name
  73. Olivia – from the latin word ‘oliva’= olive
  74. Oppia – ancient Roman family name
  75. Oriana – probably from the latin word aurus=gold
  76. Patricia – patrician, aristocratic
  77. Paula –  ancient Roman cognomen, female version of Oculus. Popular in the Christian Era as the name taken by St Paul
  78. Pia – devout, pius
  79. Plotina – ancient Roman family name, a famous womand by this name was Plotina, ice of Emperor Trajan
  80. Porcia – ancient Roman family name
  81. Prima – first
  82. Priscilla – probably from priscus=ancient, long lasting
  83. Regina – queen
  84. Romana – Roman
  85. Rosa – rose
  86. Sabina – geographical name, from Sabina
  87.  Serena – clear, serene
  88. Servia – ancient Roman family name
  89.  Severa – ancient Roman family name
  90. Silvana – of the forest, from the latin silva=woods
  91. Terentia – ancient Roman family name
  92. Titiana – ancient Roman family name
  93. Tosca – geographical name, ‘from Tuscia’
  94. Tullia – ancient Roman family name
  95. Ulpia – ancient Roman family name
  96. Urbana – urban, of the city
  97. Ursula – from the latin word ursus=bear
  98. Valentina – probably from the latin ‘valens=’strong, healthy
  99. Valeria – ancient Roman family name 
  100. Virginia – ancient Roman family name

I hope you enjoyed this list of baby girl names from Roman times and they gave you new ideas for your list!

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