100 Roman names for boys you will love

by marta

A curated list of the most popular ancient Roman names for boys and their meaning. Common and uncommon male names from ancient Roman and early Christian times.

Ancient Roman names and surnames make wonderful first names for boys and girls. 

Ancient sources kept records of many of them: some are from pagan times, some from the Christian era, some are now rarely heard, and some roman names are so popular, you may have encountered without even realizing what their origin was!

Today, we are sharing a list of the most popular Roman names for boys with their meaning and origin.

We have also added a list of 100 ancient Roman male names, in alphabetical order, with both popular and unusual Latin names for boys you may like.

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Latin male names: origin and meaning

Latin and Roman names tend to have one of the following origins:

Latin first names (prenomen): Roman citizens usually had a name made of three parts (e.g. Gaius Julius Caesar, Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa).

The first part of the name was called ‘praenomen’: many of the male names we still use today are ancient Latin first names: Marcus, like in Marcus Antonius, is a good example.

In many cases, Latin names still in use today are ancient Roman names that you can find in Latin form or adapted to modern spellings. Marcus > Mark

Roman Family names: the middle name of ancient Roman citizens was the name of the gens you were born into, i.e. a family name.

These would have been shared by the member of the same family, just like it happens with modern surnames, but over time became exceptionally popular first names, that we still use.

Julius is a good example: originally the surname of the gens Julia, it has been for centuries a popular first name for boys.

Roman cognomen:The third part of the ancient latin male name was called ‘cognomen’ and it was a sort of nickname.

It could come from an honorary title ‘Caesar’, ‘Magnus’ or it could distinguish a father from a son, as in Maior (the Elder) and Minor (the Young)

Roman mythology names: many Latin names have their origins in Roman myths and legends and their main characters, either hunger or heroic or divine. Saturninus from the Roman God Saturnus and Marcus from the God Mars are good examples.

Names of place of origin: in many cases, Latin names indicated the place where the person was from. Adrianus for instance means ‘from Adria’.

Descriptive names: some male Latin names were descriptive of the physical characteristics of the person who carried them. Fulvius, for instance, means ‘blond’.

How popular are ancient Roman names?

Some ancient Roman names are very popular, some are very rare.

When choosing a name, take into account that the name may still be in use today but with a different spelling.

In Ancient Rome, the names would have had Latin form: in this list, you will find the latin Roman male name, its meaning/origin when known and common current spelling of the name in contemporary languages.

35 Popular Roman baby names for boys

Roman name in latin formMeaning/OriginCommon Alternative Modern Spellings
AugustusVenerable, sacred. Originally an ancient Roman honorary titleAugusto
AdrianusAncient Roman name meaning ‘from Hadria’ (locality)Adrian, Hadrian, Adriano
AemiliusAncient Roman Family nameEmil, Emilio
AntoniusAncient Roman family name, probably meaning ‘ that who comes first’. Very popular for its association with Mark Anthony (notoriously strong and handsome) and, later, St Anthony.Anthony, Antonio, Antoni
CaeciliusAncient Roman family name, probably of Etruscan origin. Cecilio
CamillusAncient Roman family nameCamillo, Kamilo, Kamil, Camilo
CassiusAncient Roman family name, possibly of Etruscan originCassyus
CaesarRoman cognomen of uncertain origin, it became popular after C Julus Caesar and since then used with the meaning of ’emperor’Cesare, Cesar
ClaudiusAncient roman surnameClaudio, Claudio
ConsusName of ancient Roman God
CorneliusAncient roman surnameCornelio, Kornelius
FlaviusAncient Roman Family nameFlavio
HoratiusAncient Roman Family nameOracio, Horace, Horatio, Horatio
JanusName of Roman God
JuliusAncient Roman family name (gens Julia)Giulio, Julio
JustusRighteous, fairGiusto, Justo
LiviusAncient Roman family name (gens Livia)Livio
MarcellusAncient Roman nameMarcello
MarcusConsecrated to the God Mars, also ancient roman nameMarco, Mark, Marcos
MariusAncient Roman first name, either associated with the God Mars or with the latin word mar = seaMario, Maryus, Maria
OctaviusAncient Roman Family name probably from the numeral octo=eightOttavio, Octave, Octawiusz, Octavio
TitusAncient Roman first name, associate with the ancient Latin Kind Titus TatiusTito, Tyto
RomulusName of legendary Roman founder Romulus
SilvesterOf the forest, from the latin word ‘silva’=woodsSilvestro, Sylvester
ValeriusAncient Roman Family name probably from the verb ‘Valerie’=to be strong, to be healthy

100 Latin baby names for boys from Ancient Rome

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  1. Aemilius – ancient Roman family name
  2. Agrippa – ancient Roman cognomen as in Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa, Emperor Augustus’ son in law and builder of the Rome Pantheon
  3. Albinus – ancient Roman family name probably meaning ‘white’
  4. Albius – Roman family name probably meaning ‘white’
  5. Amatus – loved, from the latin verb ‘amare’ (to love)
  6. Amulius – name of the legendary King of Alba Longa, remembered in the legend of the birth of Rome
  7. Ancus – name of one of the seven ancient Kings of Rome, Anco Marco
  8. Annius – Roman name
  9. Antonius – from the gens Antonia, ancient Roman family name
  10. Appius – ancient Roman names, still found in the name of Via Appia, in Rome
  11. Aquilius – ancient Roman family name
  12. Ascanius – from Ascanius, son of Aeneas, ancestor of the founder of Rome
  13. Asinius – ancient Roman name 
  14. Atticus – from Attica, a region of Greece
  15. Attilius – ancient Roman Family name
  16. Augustus – Venerable, sacred. Originally an ancient Roman honorary title e.g. Octavianus Augustus
  17. Aulus – common ancient Roman first name for a boy
  18. Aurelius – of the Aurelia family
  19. Aurelianus – name of ancient Roman Emperor (The Aurelian Walls still bear his name)
  20. Benedictus – blessed (from the latin verb: benedire, to bless)
  21. Brutus – common ancient Roman first name, associated mostly with the man who killed Julius Caesar, popularized by Shakespeare. The original meaning seems to mean ‘obtuse’
  22. Cato – Ancien Roman male name
  23. Caecilius – ancient Roman family names
  24. Caelestinus – of the sky, heavenly, common name for Popes
  25. Caelius – Roman family name probably associated with the word caelum=sky 
  26. Calvus – ancient Roman name meaning ‘bald, with no hair’
  27. Camillus – ancient Roman family name 
  28. Candidus – white, candid
  29. Cassius – ancient Roman male first name
  30. Claudius – ancient Roman family name
  31. Clemens – merciful 
  32. Cocceius – Roman family name
  33. Cornelius – Ancient roman surname 
  34. Costantinus – Roman first name from the word ‘constant, loyal’, associated with the first Christian Emperor of Rome Costantinus the Great
  35. Costantius – see Constantinus
  36. Crassus – ancient Roman family name
  37. Crispinus – from the common family name Crispus, originally meaning. with curly hair’
  38. Decius – ancient name, probably a contraction of ‘decimus‘=tenth
  39. Decimus – tenth
  40. Donatus -gifted, donated
  41. Drusus – ancient Roman first name
  42. Duilius – ancient Roman name
  43. Emilius – ancient Roman name probably originally associated with the latin word aemulus=competitor
  44. Fabius – ancient roman family name
  45. Fabricius – ancient Roman family names probably from the latin for ‘faber’=maker, craftman’
  46. Faustus – Favorable
  47. Felix – Happy
  48. Flavius – ancient Roman Family name. Vespasian, Titus and Domitian were three Emperors of the Flavia family
  49. Florius – from the latin ‘flor‘= flower or devout to the Goddess Flora
  50. Fulvius – blond
  51. Gabinius – ancient Roman family name
  52. Galerius – name of Roman Emperor (IV century)
  53. Gaius – ancient Roman first name for males
  54. Gellius  – ancient Roman family name
  55. Hadrianus – ancient Roman name mostly associated with Emperor Hadrian
  56. Helius – Sun (Roman God)
  57. Hennius – ancient roman family name
  58. Hercules – mythological male name from the hero of the same name
  59. Horatius – ancient Roman Family name
  60. Hortensius – ‘of the gardens’, name of famous ancient Bishop
  61. Iginus – healthy
  62. Isidorus – gift of the Goddess Isis
  63. Iulius – ancient Roman Family name, as in G. Julius Caesar
  64. Iulianus – see Iulius
  65. Iustus – right, fair
  66. Lepidus – ancient Roman cognomen
  67. Linus – Latin form of the Greek name Linos
  68. Livius -ancient Roman family name 
  69. Lucius – ancient Roman name for boys
  70. Magnus – great
  71. Manlius – ancient Roman family name
  72. Marcellus – ancient Roman cognomen, probably term of endearment from Marcus 
  73. Marcus – devout to the God Mars
  74. Marius – devout to the God Mars or, possibly, ‘of the sea’
  75. Maximus – top, the biggest
  76. Mauritius – ancient family name possibly originally meaning ‘ from Mauritania’
  77. Octavius – ancient Roman family names, name of Rome’s first Emperor Gaius Octavianus Augustus 
  78. Ovidius – ancient Roman name made famous by Odidius, the writer
  79. Paulus – ancient Roman cognomen, popular in the Christian Era as the name taken by St Paul
  80. Patricius – patrician, aristocratic
  81. Petrus – stone, name of St Peter’s
  82. Pius – pius, devout
  83. Pompeius – ancient Roman name, as in Pompeus Magnus (Roman general)
  84. Publius, common ancient Roman first name
  85. Quartus – Fourth
  86. Quintus – Fifth 
  87. Remus – from the twin brother of Romulus, founder of Rome
  88. Romanus – of Rome, Roman
  89. Romulus – name of Rome’s legendary founder
  90. Rufus  – with red hair
  91. Salvus – saved
  92. Sergius – ancient Roman name possibly meaning ‘protector’
  93. Sirius – splendent
  94. Terentius  – ancient Roman family name
  95. Titus – ancient Roman first name and Emperor name
  96. Tullius  – ancient Roman family name as in Marcus Tullius Cicero
  97. Ursus  – bear
  98. Valerius – Ancient Roman Family name, probably from the Latin ‘Valere’ = to be of value,
  99. Varus – ancient Roman name, it was the name of the general who famously lost the battle of Teutoburg, one of the most disastrous in Roman History
  100. Virgilius – ancient Roman name popularized by the famous author of the Aeneid Virgil

I hope you enjoyed this list of ancient Roman names of boys!

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